Durian Events

Organize Durian events at our cozy durian boutique. Our premise is an ideal location for you to hold private Durian events. Favouite gathering corner for many Durian lovers. Let us know your requirements and we will cater to the best of our abilities. We can customise our boutique and provide manpower services according to your requirements. All our durian events and highly customised and tailored to suit your preference. We have hosted Durian Events for religious groups, corporate companies,  associations and even student groups! We are also open to collaborating with tour groups.

Richstar Durian Boutique is conveniently  located with ample parking lots right at our doorstep!

If you prefer the Durians to be served at your location, feel free to contact us to host your durian party at your location!

For smaller groups or individuals, feel free to walk in to our boutique and let our friendly staff serve you. Alternatively, You can choose to have durian delivery to any location preferred as well!

Durian Party

Unwind from your schedules and routines with a Durian Party! We have catered to companies, corporate events, birthday parties and family gatherings. Choose from our wide selection of fruits and durians for your durian party!

Richstar Durian will cater to durian parties of any scale. Just let us know your requirements and Richstar Durian will handle all your concerns from setup to logistics and even manpower! We serve only premium quality durians freshly de-husked and at your premise. Offering the best quality durians as the most competitively priced durian dealer in Singapore. Quality assured and Satisfaction is guaranteed.
Let us bring the durians to you! You will only need to focus on enjoying the premium durian from us!

You can also feel our exceptional customer service and premium quality durians through our durian delivery services!
If you need a premise, you can hold your event at our boutique as well! Find out more details here or you can contact us directly!

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