Only Fresh Durian is delivered. Quality assured with 1 to 1 exchange

  • Probably the Best Bargain for premium durian delivery!

    Only Fresh Durian is delivered. Quality assured with 1 to 1 exchange

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Durian Delivery Services

Richstar Durian delivers only fresh premium quality durians. All our Durians are handpicked from our durian plantation in Raub, Malaysia. We strive to exceed the expectations of fellow durian lovers with our rich and flavorful range of premium durians. All our home delivery durians are de-husked, prepared and packed just before delivery. The durian packaging process takes place in a clean and organised environment to ensure the cleaniness and freshness of our durians. Our Premium Durians packed in ready to eat containers before being delivered to our clients. Savor the durians deliverd to your preferred locations. Indugle in our premium durians without stepping out of your premise!

Probably the Best Bargain for Premium Durian Delivery!

Quality assurance with 1-1 exchange policy for any durian delivery that are not in satisfactory conditions!

Order from us and receive discounts for your next durian delivery!

Our promise as dealer is to deliver only Fresh Durians to your doorstep. Exceptional customer service and quality assurance with 1-1 exchange service!

Durian Boutique

At your convenience…

To further enhance the experience, our air-conditioned Durian Boutique is conveniently located at 46 Sims Place beside a wide empty carpark, welcoming guests from all around! Indoor and outdoor seats are available.

Feel free to walk in and let our friendly staff attend to you!

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Address: 46 Sims Place #01-191 Sims Vista, Singapore 380046

Opening Hours: 10AM – 10PM

Contact Number: 9220 1177

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